About Us


Our primary goal and focus at ALLSTAR HOCKEY SCHOOL is to work diligently on improving every student’s overall fundamental skills which include skating, shooting, passing, and stick-handling, just to name a few. These are all needed to take that next stride to reaching a higher level of play. In addition to maximizing each student’s performance, we at ALLSTAR HOCKEY also teach him/her how to apply the fundamental skills that are being taught, through simulated games and team tactics.

Our instructors are all highly experienced and skilled, and dedicate themselves to the continual improvement and development of each and every student.

Now in our 23rd year, we have gained reputation for being a hockey development school that utilizes teaching methods that progressively improve each player’s skills and specific weaknesses session after session. ALLSTAR HOCKEY SCHOOL has been providing quality instruction to hundreds of students across the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the United States and Europe. What sets us apart from other schools is that we truly love teaching kids and believe in demonstrating each and every drill and/or skill with expertise and clarity. Our teaching techniques involve keenly observing every student as they perform each drill to ensure that they are executing them properly and correcting them when needed. It is very common to see one of our instructors stop a drill and break it down further if a student is having difficulties grasping the move/concept. It is futile to keep students constantly moving through drills for the sake of looking high tempo if they are not learning. At ALLSTAR HOCKEY SCHOOL our motto is “in order to accelerate your game, you need to decelerate!”. This means that you need to slow down and learn the proper techniques and movements of the skill being taught, this way when you do increase your speed you will be able to maximize your performance at a high tempo.

ALLSTAR HOCKEY SCHOOL INC.’s president and chief instructor is Jason Ricci, who as a defenceman played professional hockey for 7 years in both Europe and the United States. Jason has well over a decade of teaching experience around the world, combining many uniquely different styles of play. His passion for the great game of hockey coupled with his genuine love of teaching kids of all ages make him a great instructor who teaches both with skill and heart.